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Welcome to our online maple syrup and maple cream store! We produce all maple products at the sugar house on our family dairy farm. We have a selection of syrup in both recyclable jugs and glass bottles:

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We have been making maple syrup and cream for longer than anyone can remember, and we guarantee that you will find none better. We ensure that the maple sap that we collect from our trees is clean, cold, and fresh and meticulously monitor the density of every gallon of syrup that we draw off of the evaporator pan. For more information, please see the maple sugaring page.

family farm aerial viewThank you for shopping at our virtual farmstand! We are excited to share our farmstead maple syrup and maple cream with you. By buying direct from us and other small farms, you are not only choosing the very best products, but you are also helping to preserve the historical character of our countrysides, protect our environment, and maintain a strong, diverse economy. Feel free to come visit the sugar house and our new creamery!

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