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Farm illustrated

A selection of new and old pictures of life on the farm. Scroll down for pictures of maple sugaring, farm animals, showing cows, barns, and more. For more current photos, follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page.

Maple Sugaring
setting maple syrup buckets weenie roast
Ed drilling, Lee tapping, and Ethan lugging buckets.
Hot dogs! A bucket setting ritual. (Ed, Kate, and Ethan)
collecting maple sap emptying maple sap
One down, 1200 to go...
Margie and Henry filling the 300 gallon tank, two pails at a time.
pouring maple sap maple sugaring
Clear, cold sap is what it takes to make Fancy syrup.
Take us home, Kate! (on the 2940 – our workhorse tractor)
dumping maple sap pumping maple sap
Back at the sugar house, unloading the sap.
From the tank on the ground, the sap is pumped into the 1000 gallon storage tank. Controlled by a float, the sap flows by gravity into the evaporator inside the sugarhouse.
boiling maple syrup, sap pan checking density of maple syrup
Inside the sugar house, boiling the sap down. It takes at least 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup!
Ed checks the density of the almost finished syrup with the hydrometer to see if it is time to draw off.
drawing off maple syrup filtering maple syrup
You start a little dense (sweet) and draw off until the density is just right.
Filtering the finished maple syrup to remove the sugar sand before briefly reheating for filling the containers or “canning.”
Farm Animals
heifers on Turkey Hill heifers in yard

The girls out to pasture on Turkey Hill

Brown Swiss (l), Holstein (c), and Jersey (r) heifers

Princess Barley

Margie on Princess Polonia, our retired race horse

Barley the hunter!

Summer is the season to be showing cows!

Kate took her favorite cow, Mere, to the National Holstein show in Louisville, KY.

Back home again at the Big E, showing Neda this time.

The White

Many years ago, Ethan, Clint, and Kate together with, Nell, the illustrious “number 99” – one of our all-time greats.

“The White” – our old ride to the fairs. Fun to chug up and hurdle down Huntington's County Road in.

Diversity in the fields!
These are just a few of our farm buildings

Free-stall barn and parlor

Old tie-stall barn

New commodity shed

Old sawmill

The bird's eye view
Mayval Farm–The Parsons family
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farm house: 149 Easthampton Rd.
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